The System

The system

EasyCheckTM detects prohibited items concealed under clothing, while people walk through the system, providing an innovative solution for screening people in motion.

The system is tuned to detect anomalies on the human body, including plastic explosives, weapons made of metal, plastic or ceramics, drugs of various kinds, liquids and gels, powders, and many other unauthorized items. Suspect objects identified by automatic detection software are presented on a generic model of a human body, thus preserving personal privacy.

The system detects objects automatically and does not require or rely on any visual identification of security operators. The ‘Walk-Through’ manner together with real-time automatic detection algorithms, enable a continuous flow of people through the system without any delays and provide high throughput to support applications of mass transit.

EasyCheckTM uses micro-power, non-ionizing radio waves, which makes it completely safe for operators and people going through the system. It also complies with applicable international radiation safety standards.

EasyCheckTM’s unique technology and design allow people to be screened with all their clothing layers on – including coats, jackets, leather items etc. As a consequence, the flow is fast as people are not required to spend time removing any clothes before entering the system and putting them back on when exiting.

EasyCheckTM ‘s ruggedized design and lack of moving parts makes it almost maintenance free. Its relatively low weight and the modularity make it easy to install and portable when needed.

EasyCheckTM provides a new and innovative approach for supporting authorities fighting terror, smuggling, drug trafficking, loss prevention and more.