About Us


EasyCheckTM brings its added value to the global market in many different segments. These include the following market applications, and more:

• Aviation
• Mass Transit (trains, bus stations, terminals, etc.)
• Entertainment and Sports Venues
• Amusement Parks
• Critical Infrastructures
• Museums
• Government Facilities
• Embassies and Consulates
• Military Bases
• Shopping Centers
• Academic Institutions and Schools

• VIP Events
• Land and Maritime Customs Checkpoints
• Prisons Loss Prevention

EasyCheckTM is the next generation of people screening systems, accelerating throughput and improving passengers’ personal experience. It is, therefore, suitable for a wide variety of applications with different threat definitions, risk management considerations, facility constraints, access control measures, concepts of operation and security policies.

EasyCheckTM is intended for terror prevention, smuggling and theft. Large numbers of people can be screened in a short period of time, making EasyCheckTM ideal for mass transportation facilities, sports and entertainment venues, office buildings, and many more applications.